Project 365

“DAM” good photo for Ned! (said tongue in cheek, of course 😉

Freese’s Pond Dam, Deerfield, New Hampshire – Once known as “Freezer’s Pond” due to it’s history of being a source of ice which was cut regularly for people’s freezers before electric refrigerators were invented. This pond is only about 25 acres in size and between 9 to 10 feet deep, due to silt build up, over the years. The pond is actually named for the Freese family from Amesbury, Massachusetts and was handed down for many generations. The pond was created early in the town’s history by the damming of the “Lamper Eel River”, what is known today as the Lamprey River, with the dam built by the Freese family to power a saw and grist mill that they had on their farm.

At one, time this charming little pond, at the intersections of routes 107 and 45, was home to Lone Tree Boy Scout Camp. They had a dock with boating, swimming and diving for a number of years. Camp Lone Tree was a 75-acre camping facility owned by the Lone Tree Council from 1928 to 1946. The land surrounding the pond is now privately owned by a number of Deerfield residents.




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