Project 365

365052012 “So Much Of Me Is Reflected Here”

Technically, this contribution for +Project 52-2012 meets the criteria for both themes “Self Portrait” & “What Reminds Me of Me (and why)” If you look closely for me, you will find my “Self Portrait” reflected in the the chrome of my 2010 Harley Softail Deluxe. The bike and other objects reflected in the shot, including my home and my camera, are subjects which “Remind Me of Me!” My home and my family are where my heart lies. My camera and my bike are two of my great passions and pleasures. The Hawaiian Islands on my gas tank is where my daughter lives and a place on this earth that I have fallen madly in love with and consider my second home.

But since it also “reflected” how I spent most of that lovely spring day in May, I decided that this image must also be my +G+ 365 Project contribution, as well!

© 2012 Performing Images Photography by Pat Corlin
All Rights Reserved


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