Monochrome: Shades Of A Single Color

“Hands Down” my favorite comment/critique/conversation of the day came in from Hans Berendsen on Google+ regarding this image:

Hans Berendsen 2:05 AM
Beautiful, detailled shot +Pat Kennedy Corlin Love the shades too :)

Pat Kennedy Corlin1:17 PM
+Hans Berendsen, as always, I sincerely appreciate hearing from you regarding one of my images. Catching all the different textures was my main goal. I seems that creating some drama with the uplighting was the perfect solution as it really emphasized that in the shot. It’s great to learn that you and a few others picked up on what I was hoping to accomplish!

Hans Berendsen 1:29 PM
oh its all my pleasure +Pat Kennedy Corlin, you managed perfectly! It not only emphasized the textures but also gives it an almost ‘touchable’ depth. I just love it 😀 


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