An incredible Journey Begins To Unfold:

No one can properly tell you about the work of Colby Brown. You must see it for yourself, read his own words and you will understand what I cannot say about him. I met Colby on G+ last year, for the first time, when I discovered his humanit

arian work. I was so moved by what I was seeing and what I read that actually wrote to him to simply say I was amazed by his work and looked forward to discovering more. I did not expect it (he’s kind of a busy guy) but he wrote back and we had a lovely exchange of words. As I followed more of his links I learned about the The Giving Lens, which Colby founded. thought, Thus began my journey with Colby, thee Giving Lens and my first “boots on the ground” experience in Cambodia, in just three weeks time. Literally, there are no words ….

So grab a cup of coffee, open up G+ and find your way into Colby Brown’s world, or should I say “Our World.” Be prepared as I expect you will be drawn in by his compassion, amazed by his ability to tell a people’s story and inspired to act by his commitment toward bettering this world Here is honest journalism, at it’s best.


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