“MY OFFICE TODAY” Redwing Farm, Strafford, New Hampshire

“My Office Today”
Redwing Farm, Strafford, New Hampshire
Woops, technically this was “yesterday” but in this crazy New England weather and it was safer to shut down the desktop and drobo before they exploded from the many power surges we’ve been having when the electricity keeps popping off and on again. Processing and posting had to wait.
Last week I spoke of 8 degrees below zero temperatures in New Hampshire and this week we are experiencing 45 and 50 degree temps! Yesterday, with the thermometer rising quickly, before our very eyes, the snow began to melt quickly and heavy fog settled in. By nightfall we still had no wind so the fog was acting like a huge diffuser around the lights from the house and the barn. Time to play! Fed the horses and grabbed the gear to try and capture the quiet beauty of a foggy winter night in New Hampshire. Hope you enjoy the results.
© 2013 Performing Images Photography by Pat Corlin
January 30, 2013 StraffordNH #6233 edit MOT web
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