“Phone In Hand”

Phone In Hand 800So the doctor says to me “I’m afraid you have tennis elbow and golf elbow at the same time!” I say okay how do we fix it? And she says “This could take some time…” Long story short this means I have a rather severe case of tendinitis and soft tissue damage can take much longer to heal. The list of Do’s and Don’ts
is long … DON’T lift heavy things, DON’T ride your motorcycle for long periods of time, DON’T do anything at the gym that will strain your wrist forearm, bicep and tricep, DON’T use your D3, D3s or D700 at all if you can help it and if you must, use a a tripod, monopod or beanbag for an indefinite period! DO go to Occupational therapy, DO a lot of low resistance high rep exercises, DO wear an arm brace, DO not try to do too much too soon and DO Practice patience!

So what’s a girl to do when she can’t use her favorite cameras foe five weeks and maybe more? She takes to the woods, the back roads, the lake, the cities and basically every place else with her iPhone. She gets to rethink how to photograph with more limited but still very fun tools And she sends all her heavy gear out to be factory cleaned after the beating they took during the trip to Africa. Funny how things DO tend to work out.


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