Pure Delight

20130730_Africa, Tanzania_3435 edit Monochrm SRGB web
There just is no better sound than the giggles of children. Everywhere we went in Tanzania we were greeted with great excitement, smiles and lots of laughter from the little ones.
When returning home from +The Giving Lens workshops, I am constantly asked by many, “What was it like? Tell us EVERYTHING!” How many times can I use the words, extraordinary, remarkable, incredible, life altering? I constantly feel I’ve come up short when trying to put into words what it is like to take part in the unconventional workshops put on by this organization.
It has been a couple of months since I journeyed through Africa with +Colby Brown, +Kate Siobhan and the members of Tanzania – Team 2. I still have, literally, thousands of images to go through to decide which ones I keep and which must go. I thought it would be “easy” to delete the “bad ones” and keep only the technically correct photographs to process and share. But that theory isn’t quite working out as I had imagined. As I dig deep into my huge collection of images, I find myself struggling to let go of many that are not technically “perfect.” With this particular image, I have had a bit of an epiphany! One of many, actually, brought on by my working this unique organization. This particular photograph has brought me to a place where I now understand that the perfect image I am always looking for simply needs to to tell a story more than it needs to be technically correct in every way!
How liberating!

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