Artist In Absentia NO-MORE!

Artist In Absentia NO-MORE!

The world has become a slightly smaller place and we couldn’t be happier! Thanks to the ability of using a combination of multimedia equipment, including wifi, lap tops, storage drives, iPads, iPhones and projectors, we were able to have all three contributing artists take part in our first Art Talk for “Journey To Tanzania – A Compassionate & Creative Collaborative.” Chris Keeley, Pat Kennedy Corlin in New Hampshire and Meagan Corlin Brogan inHawaii, were ALL IN THE HOUSE and able to speak to all in attendance!  The set up made it easy for sharing experiences, describing a body of work and answering questions in real time! Throw in the additional digital camera operated by Gary Lamont and we even have a photograph documenting how it all came together at the Main Street Art Gallery, in Newfields, NH, this past Saturday!

And we promise … MORE TO COME!

Artist In Absentia, NO MORE!

Artist In Absentia, NO MORE!


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