When out on a Photo Walk I tend to be attracted to places that are gritty and a bit off the “pretty” path.

As usual, I found myself a little alley to play around in but for some reason I didn’t really feel I was alone. Can’t quite explain it ….

With the Seacoast Photographer’s Association (SPA) during the Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk in the city of Portsmouth, NH.

2013 Performing Images Photography by Pat Corlin

All Rights Reserved

Image Capture Info:

Date 10-05-13 Location: Portsmouth, NH

Camera iPhone5

Focal Length 4.12mm

Exposure 1/120 sec; f2.4; ISO 80

Final Processing: LR4; PS6; Camera Awesome/Smug Mug

#KelbyWorldWidePhotoWalk #Portsmouth #NH #NewHampshire #Alley #Haunted #Monochrome #PerformingImagesPhotography #Creepy

#AllThingsMonochrome #MonochromeMonday #10000PHOTOGRAPHERSBWMonochrome


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