Superstitious Sunset

Superstitious Sunset

Superstitious Sunset


“Superstitious Sunset”

Beautiful and breathtaking scenery, am I right?  This sunset was captured while driving on The Apache Trail. It was once used by the Apache Indians to travel through the mountains and then became a main trail for the stage coach. On our maps today, you will see it listed as “STATE ROUTE 88” and it winds it’s way for 40 miles through the Tonto Forest and the Superstition Mountains of the Greater Phoenix, Arizona area.

The guide books tell you it is a “must drive” journey, as you will see incredible, varied dessert and mountain terrain and drive right by the  impressive Theodore Roosevelt Lake and Hydroelectric Power Dam.  But do not be deceived! No matte what the guide books and tourists tell you it being “bumpy but doable” route,  you had best rent yourself a vehicle with sturdy tires accustomed to off road-ing!   A good … and I mean GOOD … LONG portion of this road is not paved, pitted with deep holes, very bumpy and often only wide enough for one car to pass. The pin turns can be very treacherous and high on mountainside cliffs that are without guard rails that are built to stop a car from careening to certain death if the driver isn’t paying full attention, at all times. Oh and did I mention to plan on taking nearly 4 hours to cross? It is longer than you think when you can only drive 15 miles an hour. To add to the danger there are NO street lights and it is really, and I mean REALLY dark up there! So be advised to make it a morning trip or at least be certain you are at the end of the journey by dusk. And watch out for animals! The Coyotes are plentiful and dash before your headlights and you never see them coming.

This all sounds like a lot of doom and gloom but I offer this advise only to help you to be prepared so that you can actually enjoy the stunning beauty of this drive.  Take my advice and rent the jeep and it absolutely is a “must drive” adventure, you won’t be sorry!

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