Snowy Owls On The New Hampshire Coast, What A Treat!

Snowy Owls On The New Hampshire Seacoast!

Snowy Owls On The New Hampshire Seacoast!

My Office Today!

Snowy Owls on the New Hampshire Seacoast, what a treat! I was traveling from “here to there” and had a few hours to spare so I decided to take the scenic route, wondered if I would be lucky enough to see my first Snowy Owl in the wild. Soooo much buzz in the Northeast photography community about the extraordinarily large and frequent sitings this winter of this beautiful raptor. Serendipity! I hadn’t driven more than 5 miles along the coast of Rye when I spied this beautiful girl sitting on rooftop, observing both the sea and the marshes from her high vantage point. First I slammed the car into park, grabbed the camera and sprinted, fearing she would fly away and I’d miss the opportunity to capture an image or two. With no one home at the boarded up summer home, a few of us brazen photogs decided to invite ourselves into the back yard and there she was … and there she stayed … for two full hours! Maybe longer, but I wouldn’t know, as I eventually had to leave. During that time, however, I was able to return to my car for tripod and photograph to my to my hearts content as she was quite disinterested in the clicking of shutters and chatter amongst the humans below.

Again, I say to Mother Nature … GRATITUDE!


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