Silent Departure

Silent Departure

Silent Departure

While photographing a lone Snowy Owl on the seacoast in Massachusetts, another descended silently onto the marsh … and then there were two! Settling in for a short spell, this new owl seemed content to visit just long enough so that anyone with a camera had the opportunity to capture a few good images … and then, without warning … a silent departure.

It’s funny how the “back story” behind the shot is quite often why I become so attached to an image, even more than the elements in the shot. Picture this,  up and out pre-dawn to meet my shooting buddy and photog extraordinaire Chris Keeley Photography. An hour to the location, temps in the teens. I cant get my winter coat over my arm cast so I was wearing many layers with my husbands heavy duty hoodie over it all, hand wrapped in a winder ski hat (can’t get a glove on) with a heat packet flopping around inside, secured to the cast with a rubber band. Gear was mounted on the tripod so I could maneuver (not very gracefully I might add) with one hand. Had a Starbucks hot grande skinny vanilla latte at my feet, two slow moving and very accommodating Snowy Owls to photograph and grin on my face the entire morning. I love the resulting, image, the great company that was with me when I captured it and the effort it took to accomplish it. That’s a Hat Trick for me 😉

2014 Performing Images Photography by Pat Corlin

All Rights Reserved



    1. Thank you for commenting, Becky. I have to tell you, I’ve missed a number of really good shots because they are so beautiful in flight that I forgot to hit the shutter, just watched!

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