NEW HAMPSHIRE Will Melt Your Heart

NH Will Melt Your Heart

After an incredibly busy week of eat, sleeping and drinking our JTT exhibit opening at the Main Street Art Gallery, I shared the joy of getting out early on Sunday with Chris Keeley of and Meagan Corlin Brogan of for some one on one shooting time. Ok, so two on one shooting time if we need to be technical  but it was the first time just the three of us got together to photograph since we traveled to Tanzania with The Giving Lens of, last July. The climate was definitely different but the comradery was the undeniably the same. Image captured at the Cocheco Falls in Dover, NH.


  1. I am curious about getting the angle you have on these shots. Were they taken from a window in the mill … one just above the arch?
    The falls and dam, beautiful as they are, are difficult to capture in a full sense from any of the public spaces around them.

    1. I agree, Jnana, it can be very tricky there. Especially now that they have the bridge and walkway blocked off for construction. This particular image was captured, outside and at street level. Actually hanging out in a snow bank to get as low as I could. There literally was only one vantage point that I could get at that angle.

      1. Congratulations! There are things we do, as artists or otherwise, where we take an extra and often difficult step assuming no one else will notice. I believe the practice still makes the world a better place for all.

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