Publication Announcement with Plus One Collection III

I am truly honored to have two of my favorite images selected for publication in the publication of Plus One Collection III, scheduled for release December 2014!

This photography book is published by the Photographers for Good Foundation by photographers from all over the world. It is my second year being involved with this project and published in this special collection.
All the proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to the Saving Eliza Foundation – a non-profit foundation organized with a purpose to help find the cure for Sanfilippo disease. Every purchase of the book helps save Eliza and other children with Sanfillipo syndrome.

About the Plus One Collection

The idea is simple.

We, a group of photographers from an online community on social network Google+ thought, hey, why not publish a photography book together? We spent a lot of time talking photography online, share and look at each other’s work, and even meet together to socialize and shoot. Why not collaborate on a project together? That’s how the idea of this book was born.

When the call to contribute came, 500+ photographers, both known and less known, from all over the world responded, willing to donate their art for the project.

So why publish this book? Two reasons.

First, we wanted to see each other’s work in print. In today’s digital world, most photographs aren’t printed, and never become something tangible. Looking at photographs printed on paper is a very powerful experience. When photographs are tangible, they tend to last longer – in our minds and in our art collections.

Second, by publishing the book, we hoped to raise funds for a good cause to give back to our world. All net proceeds from the sales of the first book published in 2012 were donated to Kiva, a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty.

First edition of the book raised little over $10,000.


This, beyond stunningl, hard bound books are on sale now at a special Pre-Order rate! They make great gifts and are a stunning additions to your coffee table, while also “Paying It Forward!”

Scroll down the Plus One Collection Home Page to view a sample of images from the collective body of work.

#SavingElizaFoundationPlus One Collection Publication 2014


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