“At The End Of The Day, We Get What We Are Given”

“At The End Of The Day, We Get What We Are Given” www.PatCorlinPhotography.com

“At The End Of The Day, We Get What We Are Given”

Be it by Fate, Kismet, Karma, Mother Nature or the Universe, “At The End Of The Day, We Get What We Are Given.” It is up to we, the individuals, to decide to receive and celebrate them openly or turn from the gifts that are given freely by any of the multitude of “Higher Powers” that are believed in.

Yes, it is true. I had a freak and rather undignified accident that cut short my dream photography workshop on the Big Island with and and small circle of new friends. But the truth of it is, I hurt so bad that I knew, without a doubt, there was no continuing on the original track that I had so carefully planned. Instead, I found my way back to Oahu and was gifted with an additional, and somewhat painful ( I use the term lightly) week living with my daughter, in the Land of Far, Far Away! The tables had turned and it was she, taking care of me for the first time in our thirty years together. Much gratitude is extended to my Meagan who seemed to have a perfect mixture of endless patience and a stern (picture Nurse Ratchet 😉 yet respectful delivery of all doctors orders!

And yet, at the end of my last day with her, my son-in-law and the generous roomies, I felt sad that my “extended” stay was coming to an end. While finishing packing my bags, I looked out the back slider at the “muted” skies of early dusk, starting to feel a bit sorry for myself that I did not get to capture my “imagined spectacular” sunset on the Big Island. Disappointment was spreading in my heart that fate had taken that opportunity from me, and I turned away from the water, admittedly pouting. Not fifteen minutes later, Meagan calls from the back yard … “MOM, OMG, come QUICK!” And there, before our eyes, was THE most spectacular sunset! The one I “almost missed because I had impatiently chosen to turn away. I hobbled back in the house, grabbed the camera, lens be what it may, and limped down my first flight of stairs in a week and a half to throw myself on my belly on the dock. And there I had the honor of capturing “What I Was Given.” Once again filled with joy and grateful; for the many gifts given to me from “The Powers That Be.”

2014 Pat Corlin Photography
All Rights Reserved

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