Eyes & Beaks Forward Please!

Eyes And Beaks Forward Please!

Eyes And Beaks Forward Please!

Looking ahead to the endless possibilities that the New Year can bring. Here’s to welcoming new friends into our lives and sharing the love and good times with those already in “The Circle.” New adventures lie before us in 2015 and I am excited to embrace the opportunities!

A Happy And Healthy New Year To All!

Image captured at dawn on the shores of northern Maine while the sun rose over the Canadian border. What’s next +Chris Keeley?!

© Pat Corlin Photography
All Rights Reserved

#DoWeHaveToLeaveSoSoon #Sunrise #Dawn #LandscapePhotography #Photography #USCanadianBorder #Lubec #Maine #NegativeSpace #CorlinKeeleyExpeditions #JustOneMore #seascapephotography  #Nikon #NikonD3s #FormattHiTech

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