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Have no fear, I can prepare one just for you, as well! 

Nothing pleases me more than learning that a piece of my work has found a forever home. I am absolutely thrilled that three pieces from my current collection have been purchased at the #RobertLincolnLevy Gallery! One of the great things about working in the medium of photography is that another rendering of any sold piece can be made. So if happen to be wandering through #TheRoadMostTraveled Exhibit and you find yourself drawn to a piece that has already been sold, have no fear! I can prepare one just for you, as well!

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Don’t Even THINK About It!

Don't Even THING About It!

Don’t Even THING About It!

Off East Oahu, breathtaking views abound at the “Spitting Caves” but don’t even THINK about jumping in! A stunning location for fishing, whale watching, photographing and meditating but do not be deceived, the danger on these steep cliffs is very real. Swimming/Cliff Jumping here should never be an option. Mother Nature has taken many of the unwary before there time because they thought they could concur the challenge. The pounding surf is treacherous and the cliffs are very high. Use care in your footing and don’t take your hands off your gear. Even finding the short but dangerously, steep trail head can be a bit tricky. It is located in a residential area and in can be slippery when dry, due to tons of dead pine needles on the trail but even worse when wet. Should that be the case I wouldn’t hesitate to be “that lady with the crampons” on this one, my pride be damned. Oooh but what a treat when you get to the bottom! The multi-layered rocks, worn down by the forces of sea and wind, are full of grooves and swirls that make stunning shapes and patterns.  There is no doubt that the sunsets along side of Diamond Head Crater will surely entice this girl into more than one trek down that crazy-steep trail head this time around.
Pat Corlin Photography
All Rights Reserved
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I Am Sincerely Honored …

It IS This Simple

It IS This Simple

Dear Pat, We are happy to announce that you are an honorable mention winner in Yankee Magazine’s “My New England” photo contest. Your photograph “It IS This Simple” will appear in print in our March/April 2014 issue. We’ll send a copy of the issue to you in late February. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you again for participating in our contest. It was a very strong pool of entries this year.


Heather Marcus
Photo Editor
Yankee Magazine



2014 ... Bring It!

2014 … BRING IT!

New Years Day 01-10-14 Waimanalo Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

2014 Performing Images Photography by Pat Corlin

All Rights Reserved

For The Love Of Autumn

For The Love Of Autumn

For The Love Of Autumn

The Birch Trees of New Hampshire continue to provide a late October color palette to play with!


2013 Performing Images Photography by Pat Corlin

All Rights Reserved


Image Capture Info

Date 10-22-13 Location: Strafford, New Hampshire

Camera Nikon D3s

Lens Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8

Focal Length 60mm

Exposure 1/115 sec; f2.8; EV 5; ISO 2500

Manual Pattern Metering

Processing LR4; PS6; Color Efex Pro 4

A Little Rainbow With Wings

A little Sneak Peek At What You May See Tomorrow At Our Tanzania Art Talk with Chris Keeley Photography and Meagan Corlin Brogan

See you at Main Street Art in NewFields, NH at 12:30 for

Journey To Tanzania – A Creative & Compassionate Compilation

A Little Rainbow With Wings“A Little Rainbow With Wings”

The Lilac-breasted Roller is the national bird of Botswana and Kenya and I found this little beauty in the tall grasses on the Serengeti Plains of Tanzania. They are common to sub-Saharan Africa and the Southern Arabian Peninsula. (Coracias caudatus) is a member of the roller family of birds. It usually pirches in higher tree tops so it was a treat to meet this guy at eye level.

2013 Performing Images Photography by Pat Corlin

All Rights Reserved

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Never doubt the power of a photograph and the memories it can provoke.

On my birthday, my youngest daughter met me at noon in a park and ride and immediately kicked me out of the driver’s seat so she could take control of our Girls Day Out! No work for this birthday girl, just some R&R and no nothing on the calendar for the rest of the afternoon! WHAT A TREAT! Mother Nature gave us a stunning weather day and we hit the rocky shores of New Hampshire for a delicious lunch at the exquisitely renovated Wentworth By The Sea Hotel, later taking drives down roads less traveled to see what there was to see. We found our way to the grounds of the Wentworth Coolidge Mansion, also the home of the Drift Gallery. As I got out of the car, I started to say, “I can’t, I Can’t, I CAN’T walk this property without a camera in my hand. Closest camera I had on my day off was my iPhone … and it did not disappoint. This image was captured while Laura and I walked, laughed, explored, planned and conspired, paused and reflected on the beautiful grounds in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  I took a few snaps on the camera and put it back in my pocket for a few hours and spent the rest of our time together just enjoying the freedom the day provided. Then it was off to downtown Portsmouth for some girl-time shopping, catching up with friends and eating a late snack at the Martingale Wharf Restaurant, snuggled in blankets while sitting next to the open fire pit on the decks over looking the harbor at sunset. Yes, just about as perfect a birthday as girl can have. With a hot toddy to sip, I pulled out the phone and started to play and process this image of the mansion, visited earlier in the day. I just love the final work and it when ever I look at it I will always be reminded of our long stroll on the grounds and the beautiful afternoon we shared when my daughter took over the reigns and I was permitted to let everything go.

Never doubt the power of a photograph and the memories it can provoke.

All Rights Reserved

This images was captured with an Apple iPhone 5; Lens: iPhone 5 back camera 4.12mm f/2.8; Focal Length: 4.1 mm; Exposure: 1/1500 sec @ f2.4; ISO 50 and edited using Snapseed and SmugMug Camera Awesome Applications.

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Words Need Not Be Spoken

“Words Need Not Be Spoken”

Dover, New Hampshire

A contribution for +WordlessOnWednesday

2013 Performing Images Photography by Pat Corlin
All Rights Reserved

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Travel – Maine USA

“Sunset On The Nubble”
Cape Neddick Lighthouse, Maine USA

© 2013 Performing Images Photography by Pat Corlin All Rights Reserved

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