Have no fear, I can prepare one just for you, as well! 

Nothing pleases me more than learning that a piece of my work has found a forever home. I am absolutely thrilled that three pieces from my current collection have been purchased at the #RobertLincolnLevy Gallery! One of the great things about working in the medium of photography is that another rendering of any sold piece can be made. So if happen to be wandering through #TheRoadMostTraveled Exhibit and you find yourself drawn to a piece that has already been sold, have no fear! I can prepare one just for you, as well!

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Don’t Even THINK About It!

Don't Even THING About It!

Don’t Even THING About It!

Off East Oahu, breathtaking views abound at the “Spitting Caves” but don’t even THINK about jumping in! A stunning location for fishing, whale watching, photographing and meditating but do not be deceived, the danger on these steep cliffs is very real. Swimming/Cliff Jumping here should never be an option. Mother Nature has taken many of the unwary before there time because they thought they could concur the challenge. The pounding surf is treacherous and the cliffs are very high. Use care in your footing and don’t take your hands off your gear. Even finding the short but dangerously, steep trail head can be a bit tricky. It is located in a residential area and in can be slippery when dry, due to tons of dead pine needles on the trail but even worse when wet. Should that be the case I wouldn’t hesitate to be “that lady with the crampons” on this one, my pride be damned. Oooh but what a treat when you get to the bottom! The multi-layered rocks, worn down by the forces of sea and wind, are full of grooves and swirls that make stunning shapes and patterns.  There is no doubt that the sunsets along side of Diamond Head Crater will surely entice this girl into more than one trek down that crazy-steep trail head this time around.
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