Journey To Tanzania Update!

Join with over 26 heroes who have helped support our initiative to share photos and stories of Tanzania with adults and children as we raise school supplies for the communities we visited. Please consider making a pledge today we have only two days left!  It’s easy and every little bit helps help! Just follow this link to our kickstarter campaign.

If you couldn’t join us for the Journey To Tanzania Exhibit Artists Reception you will want to check out this great project update! A video short created by photographer M.C. Brogan!

Pitcha Pitcha!

Pitcha Pitcha!


Much thanks to Gary Lamott Photography for donating his serves by providing video clips and still images of the Journey To Tanzania Exhibit Artist’s Reception.


Silent Departure

Silent Departure

Silent Departure

While photographing a lone Snowy Owl on the seacoast in Massachusetts, another descended silently onto the marsh … and then there were two! Settling in for a short spell, this new owl seemed content to visit just long enough so that anyone with a camera had the opportunity to capture a few good images … and then, without warning … a silent departure.

It’s funny how the “back story” behind the shot is quite often why I become so attached to an image, even more than the elements in the shot. Picture this,  up and out pre-dawn to meet my shooting buddy and photog extraordinaire Chris Keeley Photography. An hour to the location, temps in the teens. I cant get my winter coat over my arm cast so I was wearing many layers with my husbands heavy duty hoodie over it all, hand wrapped in a winder ski hat (can’t get a glove on) with a heat packet flopping around inside, secured to the cast with a rubber band. Gear was mounted on the tripod so I could maneuver (not very gracefully I might add) with one hand. Had a Starbucks hot grande skinny vanilla latte at my feet, two slow moving and very accommodating Snowy Owls to photograph and grin on my face the entire morning. I love the resulting, image, the great company that was with me when I captured it and the effort it took to accomplish it. That’s a Hat Trick for me 😉

2014 Performing Images Photography by Pat Corlin

All Rights Reserved


Snowy Owls On The New Hampshire Coast, What A Treat!

Snowy Owls On The New Hampshire Seacoast!

Snowy Owls On The New Hampshire Seacoast!

My Office Today!

Snowy Owls on the New Hampshire Seacoast, what a treat! I was traveling from “here to there” and had a few hours to spare so I decided to take the scenic route, wondered if I would be lucky enough to see my first Snowy Owl in the wild. Soooo much buzz in the Northeast photography community about the extraordinarily large and frequent sitings this winter of this beautiful raptor. Serendipity! I hadn’t driven more than 5 miles along the coast of Rye when I spied this beautiful girl sitting on rooftop, observing both the sea and the marshes from her high vantage point. First I slammed the car into park, grabbed the camera and sprinted, fearing she would fly away and I’d miss the opportunity to capture an image or two. With no one home at the boarded up summer home, a few of us brazen photogs decided to invite ourselves into the back yard and there she was … and there she stayed … for two full hours! Maybe longer, but I wouldn’t know, as I eventually had to leave. During that time, however, I was able to return to my car for tripod and photograph to my to my hearts content as she was quite disinterested in the clicking of shutters and chatter amongst the humans below.

Again, I say to Mother Nature … GRATITUDE!

Meet “NIK”

Meet "NIK"

Meet “NIK”

As a child growing up in the late 60‘s and early 70’s, I was a devoted viewer (ok, OBSESSED is a more accurate term) of every network television show that I could find with animals in the cast. To name a few there was Flipper (Duh ;-),  Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom,  Lassie, Wonderful World of Disney, Bonanza … because they road horses (and I had a huge crush on Little Joe but that’s another blog entry), The Beverly Hillbillies because their cast members included chimpanzees, dogs, a deer, opossums, bears, goats, raccoons, kangaroos, AND Green Acres because they “adopted” a pig named Arnold Ziffel as their son. I truly loved watching them all but when DAKTARI came on the television NO ONE could touch the knob!!! It was my HANDS DOWN favorite from the moment I saw the first show and I dreeeeeeeamed of becoming a veterinarian so that I could travel to “The Compound” in Africa to work with Dr. Tracy! Because of course, I KNEW his daughter Paula was going to have to get married someday (as all girls did back then … meh)! And I KNEW that I would to be the ONLY person that Dr. Tracy would accept to replace her!!! Mostly because I would be like a second daughter to him and NEVER get married and leave The Compound, because why would? I couldn’t wait to go to AFRICA and work with Clarence The Cross Eyed Lion!!! Yah, well let me tell you, I really believed ME back then and it was because of Clarence that I dreamed of  becoming that veterinarian and finding my way to Africa.  As childhood dreams often morph into strange versions of the original, as an adult  I did not actually pursue a career as a veterinarian but I did become a professional dog groomer  😉  and I have a very special affection for Chow Chows! Funny, right?

Now, some 40 years later, (ahem, did I write that out loud?), I found myself on the Serengeti with my daughter by my side, massive cameras in both our hands … and although this boy is NOT Cross Eyed and he did NOT (probably a good thing) jump on me for hugs and kisses like I’d dreamed of since my childhood, I did find MY Clarence … I’ve named him “NIK” and I finally brought him home!

A Moment, If I May …

A Moment, If You Please

A Moment, If I May … 

“A Moment, If I May … ”

2013 Performing Images Photography by Pat Corlin

All Rights Reserved www.PatCorlinPhotography.com

How Sweet It Is … Or Sometimes NOT!


How Sweet It Is ... Or Sometimes NOT!

How Sweet It Is … Or Sometimes NOT!

Nothing quite like photographing in New England weather. You know what they say … “If you don’t like the weather just wait five minutes!” Especially when you are photographing Down East!  This image was captured by photographer Chris Keeley on an excursion to the docks at Corea, Maine. Getting socked in by fog all weekend didn’t even slow us down 😉

Thanks again to photographer Chris Keeley for capturing another great image for my “Shooter Gets Shot” Gallery. Hangin’ out on the docks with you is always a blast!

©2013 Chris Keeley Photography

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Congrats to +Chris Keeley competing this weekend at the #MonsterMash competition in Massachusetts this weekend!

2013 Performing Images Photography by Pat Corlin
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And So The Journey Begins … GSO1314

And So The Journey Begins ...

And So The Journey Begins …

And So The Journey Begins … GSO1314

2013 Performing Images Photography by Pat Corlin

All Rights Reserved  www.PatCorlinPhotography.com

Monochrome VS Color – Which Do You Prefer?

Monochrome VS Color – Which Do You Prefer?

I have begun work on a project that I’m looking for a bit of advice on. In portraiture for body builders I want to produce a body of work that shows muscle strength and development, while also capturing the essence of his personality in the portraits. One of the questions I have is do I produce the work in Monochrome or Color or both! So I’m asking for feedback on this one image comparison. Feel free to discuss!

Image Capture outdoors under cloudy skies.

Date 8-27-13 Location: Manchester, NH

Camera Nikon D3s

Lens Nikon 70-200 mm f/2.8

Focal Length 200 mm

Exposure 1/320 sec; f4; EV 0; ISO 200

Manual Pattern Metering

Processing LR4; PS6; Color Efex Pro 4; Silver Efex Pro (Monochrome Image Only)

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2013 Performing Images Photography by Pat Corlin

All Rights Reserved www.PatCorlinPhotography.com