March 2015 NHSPCA Pet Of The Month Introducing …”Mallory”

March 2015 NHSPCA Pet Of The Month Introducing …”Mallory”

March 2015 NHSPCA Pet Of The Month
Introducing …”Mallory”

Celebrated annually, March 14th is National Learn About Butterflies Day.  Spring just right around the corner and with it comes warm breezes, flower petals and butterflies. I found this theme a perfect compliment for our March Pet Of The Month photo session with Mallory. The moment I met her I fell in love with Mallory’s beautiful brindle coloring and her gentle personality. She is especially fond of offering her paw in friendship, which is thoroughly endearing. So smart and responding instantly to each behavior asked of her, I couldn’t help but think what a wonderful family member she would, hopefully, soon make. Little did I know fate was about to make that happen before Mallory’s March Pet Of The Month Portrait would stand in the New Hampshire SPCA lobby. Yes, it’s true! Mallory has found her way to her “Forever Home” where she and her new family are going to share the wonders of spring together!

All Profits from Pet Of The Month image sales to be donated to the NHSPCA and can be ordered from my website below.

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Rite Of Passage

Rite Of Passage

Rite Of Passage

Rite Of Passage

In October of 2014 I traveled to the Big Island in Hawaii on an amazing workshop with the phenomenal education team of Colby Brown and Jay and Varina Patel. I took a serious “slip” (I refuse to use the word “fall”) while maneuvering amongst the “slippery goo” at low tide, abruptly ending my ability to carry on with the workshop in any way! Although I must say Jay Patel was extremely enthusiastic and with his ever-positive attitude, he managed to turn our four hour, cross island drive to the airport into a private island tour and focus workshop on learning how to photograph from a car window! I swear his mantra for the trip could have read “Never Give Up, Never Surrender!” A special time shared that I will never forget.

During that trek I received a phone call from my daughter where I had to confess that I was leaving the island and returning myself to her capable hands for some private nursing and driving to and from a full week of “Gorilla P.T.” that I would need to prep for the eighteen hour flight home to Boston. We laughed, … okay, I admit it, I cried … but just a tiny bit, I swear. I told her that I guessed that maybe this was my official “Rite Of Passage” to becoming a professional photographer. Every great landscape photographer I know seems to have a tale or two to tell of a dangerous injury that occurred while they were out in the field, an quite often somewhere in the Land of Far, Far Away. I heard Jay chuckling behind the driver’s wheel and when my phone call ended he proceeded to tell me a few stories of both his and Varina that made me very grateful that I wasn’t in a lava field when it happened. I am so grateful to Jay for that because it was the precise moment that my embarrassment faded over being “That Lady” in the workshop. Yes I was disappointed but I was no longer embarrassed. Feeling sorry for myself was clearly out of the question and my resolve strengthened to make a quick recovery and get back at it. Much thanks to the amazing attitudes of Colby, Jay, Varina and all of the encouraging members of our workshop!

This image was captured the last evening before my fall … opps, I mean slip 😉 The magic of the Big Island was just beginning to present itself to me. Seeing everyone’s amazing images that were captured at locations after I departed, has left me excited to return to the Big Island!

“Never Give, Never Surrender!” Grab a cup of coffee and visit all three of these sites. I just know when you will be inspired and amazed at the work you see from these incredibly giving educators in photography!

Colby Brown Photography Colby Brown Workshops
Varina Patel​
Jay Patel​

Pat Corlin Photography
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The 6 Most Uniquely Annoying Airplane Passengers & How to Survive Them

Spot On!


On a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, one of Kimmel’s guests took on role-playing the results of an Expedia poll describing the most annoying airplane passengers you might encounter when traveling. The guest actor was none other than the incomparable Sir Patrick Stewart and the sketch was very entertaining. Kimmel and Stewart shared the caustic characters of Chatty Charlie, Stinky Snacker, Seat Climber, Seat Kicker and Landing Clapper as the most annoying. This sketch got me thinking. If I were to compose my own list of annoying personalities, who would make the cut? This post features my breakdown of several special characters unfortunately encountered during my many hours spent airborne. I encourage you to check out the video here to watch Sir Patrick expertly nail the five listed above, and do read on for my particular brand of annoying passenger behavior.

Meagz’ Six Most Maddening

1. The Window Shade Blinder

We’re up…

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February 2015 NHSPCA Pet Of The Month Introducing “FIGGY PUDDING”

Introducing “FIGGY PUDDING”

February is the month of Mardi Gras Parades and Krewe Parties. Sir Figgy Pudding took a few minutes out of his busy schedule to model his choice of the perfect mask for his next ball. Moments later he was jumping around the studio full of smiles and filling the space with his happy, Figgy energy. Within two days of our photo session Figgy was adopted and on his way to his new forever home. Happy New Family to Figgy Pudding, our February 2015 NHSPCA Pet Of Month!

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Our January NHSPCA Pet Of The Month … Introducing “DASH”

Introducing "DASH"

Introducing “DASH”

Each New Year brings the opportunity for new beginnings and I am thrilled to announce the launch of a very special endeavor that I am embarking on for 2015. In support of the NHSPCA I will be providing a year of services including a new Pet Of The Year photography project. Each month the shelter will select one of their “guests” for a photo session at our Seacoast Photographers Studios. Session images will be featured throughout the year on display at the shelter and on their website and networking pages. All profits from of the sales from my professional website will be donated to the NHSPCA!

January 2015 NHSPCA Pet Of The Month

Introducing …”DASH”

Believe it or not, this “Dashing” brown Tiger/Bengal? was a stray! He selected his human family for himself. After only  a few days stay with the NHSPCA, and during this years Black Friday Holiday Event, DASH reached out of his kennel and patted the hand of a member of the Corlin Family.

And “The Rest,” as they say, “Is History!”

Seacoast Photographers Studios
24 Front  Street, Exeter, NH 03833
(4th Floor Suites of the “Old Major Blake’s Hotel)

All Profits from Pet Of The Month image sales to be donated to the NHSPCA  (603) 781-5915

“I’m Just Here For The Food”

I"'m Just Here For The Food"

I”‘m Just Here For The Food”

It isn’t every day that an inquiry I make results in positive activism, but in this circumstance, that is the case. The good folks at the NH Audubon Society have given me permission to re-share this great article on SNOWY OWL ETIQUETTE and reminds us that “It Is Possible To Love Owls To Death!”

Snowy Owl Viewing – Observe without Disturbing

Snowy Owls are magnificent birds, and attract considerable attention when they visit New Hampshire in the winter. Enthusiastic observers and photographers need to remember that these birds are already stressed by hunger and cold temperatures, so it is important to resist the temptation to get too close for a clearer look or better picture.

Snowy Owls, often inexperienced young birds that hatched the previous summer, wander south during the winter months when food is scarce in their Arctic habitat. The southward journey and cold temperatures require a lot of energy, as does finding prey in unfamiliar territory. Human disturbance can add significantly to their energy demands. The effects of disturbance can be obvious – causing a bird to “flush” or leave its perch – or invisible – making a bird too nervous to leave the safety of a high perch to pursue prey, or increasing metabolism and stress hormones. While a single incident may not be life threatening, the cumulative effect of repeated disturbances, which are likely to occur when an owl perches in highly visible, public locations, reduce the likelihood that they will survive to return north to breed.

Observers and photographers should practice good ethics by keeping a respectful distance from any bird. In general, if the bird reacts to your presence, you are too close. When the bird starts staring at you, you’re close enough and it’s time to back up. For birds on the ground this is about 100 feet. Flushing the bird is direct interference with its roosting and foraging behavior, and deprives others of the opportunity to observe the owl.

An automobile makes an excellent blind, so watch from your car if possible. If this isn’t practical, approach the owl with the wind in your face. Owls take off into the wind, and if the bird chooses to fly while you are approaching it will not want to fly toward you. Always give the bird room and back up as soon as it responds to your presence.

Don’t get carried away by excitement – always respect private property and area-closed signs. Snowy Owls at the coast often roost in fragile dune habitat, which is closed to foot traffic.
It is possible to love owls to death. Flushed birds have collided with stationary objects and once airborne they attract the attention of crows, gulls and hawks, which will pursue and harass them, reducing opportunities to hunt. Be responsible, and give owls the privacy they need.
Seeing a Snowy Owl is a rare privilege. Set a good example for others by following and sharing these guidelines, and have a wonderful Snowy experience!

See more at:…/…

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Eyes & Beaks Forward Please!

Eyes And Beaks Forward Please!

Eyes And Beaks Forward Please!

Looking ahead to the endless possibilities that the New Year can bring. Here’s to welcoming new friends into our lives and sharing the love and good times with those already in “The Circle.” New adventures lie before us in 2015 and I am excited to embrace the opportunities!

A Happy And Healthy New Year To All!

Image captured at dawn on the shores of northern Maine while the sun rose over the Canadian border. What’s next +Chris Keeley?!

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A Moment To Say Thank You!

A Moment To Say Thank You!

A Moment To Say Thank You!

And it is my pleasure to introduce you to George and he is a very good boy!

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“Mating Season”

20130804_Africa, Tanzania_2629_edit_SRGB_web_wtrmrk

The Agama Lizard, found all over Tanzania, is often rather inconspicuous with it’s tan and grey coloring. That is until mating season! It is then that the males of the species burst into stunningly vibrant colors to attract females.

“Fractals … Whaaaaat?!”

Well this is going to be fun 😉

2014 Pat Corlin Photography
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