The Old Nurtures The New

The Old Nourishes The New

The Old Nurtures The New

“The Old Nurtures The New”

Devan Coon and Jorge Soto marry. Family and Friends share a joyous celebration of their love during a beautiful evening at The Wright House.

“The History of The Wright House – Every home has a soul, made up of brick and mortar and the memories lived there. The soul of The Wright House was born in the 1930’s as a farmhouse outside the young city of Mesa, Arizona. It had its own well for water, and a white picket fence fronted a dirt road that ran into Tempe where the old Hayden Flour Mill was in full operation.

In the 1930’s the home was purchased by Lorenzo & Teresa Wright. Lorenzo and his son, Harold, started a grocery business in Mesa that operated for 50 years.

In 1945, Harold and his wife, Leah, bought the house from Lo & Teresa. They remodeled, adding some rooms, and Leah planted many flowers and some of the trees and shrubs that still remain.

Harold and Leah raised four children, creating many happy memories. In the early days, they often invited guest to ride horses on the twenty acres behind the house, cooked steaks & entertained dignitaries traveling through Mesa.

Harold’s son, Michael, and his wife, Peggy, developed the home into The Wright House, Garden Reception Centre in July of 1991. Since then they have been working to continuously improve the property and make it into an ideal setting for weddings, receptions, and all other special events.

The soul of The Wright House has always been one of peace, beauty, and entertainment. We hope that you and your guests will enjoy the special spirit that dwells here.”

2013 Performing Images Photography by Pat Corlin

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