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Looks Like It Is My Turn To Ask For Your Vote!

The Missing LInk

The Missing LInk


Looks like it is my turn to ask you for your vote!

I just received word that my photo was chosen as the local winner in the Scott Kelby’s 2013 Worldwide Photo Walk in October! I am honored and JAZZED to represent! It would be GREAT to bring home the PEOPLE’s CHOICE AWARD in honor of all of our Seacoast Photographers who came out for the photo walk on that beautiful morning in Portsmouth! So if you want to check it out and cast your vote on the Scott Kelby Photo Walk site, my photo is on page 12 under PORTSMOUTH at this link:


Run your curser over the stars under the image and they will turn red, check the vote you want to save and that’s it!

GRATITUDE for the support and  I promise I’ll keep you all updated on our progress!