Bring Them To Life!

Now, everyone knows that I can quickly scan through and share my digital images with the best of them. On the web they travel far and wide and reach more eyes. However, it is the printed and framed images hanging on my walls that help to make my house a home! 
A very special Thank You to Emily Brackett of #LiveFreePhotographySupplisAndServives for always providing me with prints that I love!
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Thanking Our Lucky Stars

Thanking Our Lucky Stars


Inspired by Adam Woodworth’s art talk during our SPA Spring Exhibit, I hopped in my car last night (9pm…really?) for a little “Star Chasing” and drove the loop from Alton, NH to Lincoln, then across the Kancamagus Highway and finally south through Barrington, New Hampshire and Home. Why I was completely alone at 1 am at a scenic outlook, high on the Kanc Highway, is rather humorous, if you think about it! I was constantly talking to myself. Mostly because I was spooked by the darkness and all the rustling in the woods everywhere I went. But the ever-present fireflies kept reminding me that there were nicer things in the dark, as well! And the fox kits running here and everywhere up in the White Mountains were my treat of the night. There were huge splashes in the water at my feet in Barrington that made me seriously grateful I didn’t live in the south for fear of losing a limb. However, the coyotes singing amongst the cacophony of bullfrogs and crickets reminded me of just how special a place that “Bog” will always to me.

And isn’t it funny that during my six hour adventure, I find my most compelling image was taken while laying in my very own driveway while attempting to capture a little slice of “Home” for my daughter living some 5,000 miles away. Yes, I now, I know, the odds are pretty good that she was also star gazing in her own backyard, laying under her palm tree and looking up at the very same sky. But the truth is, there will be no other view of the stars such as this. For THIS VIEW is where our Miss Meagan discovered “HER STARS”!