I’m Just Gonna Keep Walkin’ ‘til I Find Spring …

“I’m Just Gonna Keep Walkin’ ‘til I Find Spring...”

“I’m Just Gonna Keep Walkin’ ‘til I Find Spring…”

The North American, Virginia Opossum makes it’s home in the state of New Hampshire but not much further north than that. They do not hibernate and must come out of their dens and search for food all winter long. Their coats are rather thin and their tails, ears and feet are bare so they are very vulnerable to frostbite. This far north they rarely live longer than two years. These mammals are marsupials, meaning they are born very small and continue to develop in the mother’s abdominal pouch. They are nocturnal and are not often seen in daylight, so I felt fortunate to come across this one out for a walk in the early morning light.

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