After The Storm – Repost of Photojournalist Orlando Uy – Talcoban, Philippines

After The Storm

After The Storm

Every now and then I am introduced to the work of an individual that moves me beyond words. Such is the work of photojournalism of Orland Uy of the Philippines.  Extraordinary doesn’t even come close to describing … so I will leave you with two links instead:https://www.facebook.com/walkswithmycamera


A walk with my camera

I wasn’t prepared for this, and neither was my government.  After 3 very challenging weeks, I have already come to terms with the situation, that recovery will be a long process but we’ll eventually get there.  The Philippine government, however, is still in denial.  We survived, but eventually it will be politics that will kill us all.

I went out to take photos on the following morning, but after seeing so much pain and struggle, I couldn’t play the role of a casual observer.  I, too, was part of this and I realized that I had a bigger role to play: to survive the aftermath, both physically and emotionally.


The water supply was shut down except for this pipe at the Tacloban Shopping Center.  There was already a long line of people waiting in line.  They brought every bottle and bucket they had to fill with water.  I made a…

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