A “Somebody Pinch Me! ” Moment while traveling with The Giving Lens, www.TheGivingLens.com, through the temples of Angkor Wat, Cambodia

tgl0187 edit final 8x12 srgb edit web

“Utterly without words when first entering Ta Prohm, I experienced an overwhelming sense of the centuries of history that surrounded me. At once, I became aware of how blessed I was to add my foot steps this ancient place.

In the jungle’s effort to take back its own, massive vines and tree roots cover the great stone walls and literally weave their way through the buildings, cutting and splitting huge stone structures in their path.

It is often written this temple is virtually ruined. Yet, it is Ta Prohm that I now think of and long to return to.”

© 2012 Performing Images Photography by Pat Corlin
All Rights Reserved

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