Rite Of Passage

Rite Of Passage

Rite Of Passage

Rite Of Passage

In October of 2014 I traveled to the Big Island in Hawaii on an amazing workshop with the phenomenal education team of Colby Brown and Jay and Varina Patel. I took a serious “slip” (I refuse to use the word “fall”) while maneuvering amongst the “slippery goo” at low tide, abruptly ending my ability to carry on with the workshop in any way! Although I must say Jay Patel was extremely enthusiastic and with his ever-positive attitude, he managed to turn our four hour, cross island drive to the airport into a private island tour and focus workshop on learning how to photograph from a car window! I swear his mantra for the trip could have read “Never Give Up, Never Surrender!” A special time shared that I will never forget.

During that trek I received a phone call from my daughter where I had to confess that I was leaving the island and returning myself to her capable hands for some private nursing and driving to and from a full week of “Gorilla P.T.” that I would need to prep for the eighteen hour flight home to Boston. We laughed, … okay, I admit it, I cried … but just a tiny bit, I swear. I told her that I guessed that maybe this was my official “Rite Of Passage” to becoming a professional photographer. Every great landscape photographer I know seems to have a tale or two to tell of a dangerous injury that occurred while they were out in the field, an quite often somewhere in the Land of Far, Far Away. I heard Jay chuckling behind the driver’s wheel and when my phone call ended he proceeded to tell me a few stories of both his and Varina that made me very grateful that I wasn’t in a lava field when it happened. I am so grateful to Jay for that because it was the precise moment that my embarrassment faded over being “That Lady” in the workshop. Yes I was disappointed but I was no longer embarrassed. Feeling sorry for myself was clearly out of the question and my resolve strengthened to make a quick recovery and get back at it. Much thanks to the amazing attitudes of Colby, Jay, Varina and all of the encouraging members of our workshop!

This image was captured the last evening before my fall … opps, I mean slip 😉 The magic of the Big Island was just beginning to present itself to me. Seeing everyone’s amazing images that were captured at locations after I departed, has left me excited to return to the Big Island!

“Never Give, Never Surrender!” Grab a cup of coffee and visit all three of these sites. I just know when you will be inspired and amazed at the work you see from these incredibly giving educators in photography!

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Jay Patel​

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    1. Yes, doing well, Jay, thank you. I’m happy to say lots of “nice things” about you, anytime, sir. You and Varina both made a huge impression on me and I’m so grateful to all of you the way you took such care with me, never mind that I finally nailed the concept of Dynamic Range! Gratitude!

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